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3. US along with Canadian the container pertaining to mailing things

Mailer (‘me?l?) n

(Biography) Norman. 1923-2007, US author. His works, which usually are often critical of modern American society, include the war novel The Particular Naked and the Dead (1948), an American Dream (1965), his account of the 1967 peace march upon Washington Your Armies in the Night (1968), The Particular Executioner’s Song (1979), along with Barbary Shore (1998)

mailoer (‘me? l?r)


Norman, born 1923, U.S. writer.

3. Any container, such like a cardboard tube, accustomed to hold material to be mailed: a cardboard guide mailer.

2. one which addresses, stamps, or in any kind of other case prepares mail.

1. a person who mails or even prepares material pertaining to mailing.

2. the container, as a protective envelope, for mail.

3. an advertisement, form letter, etc., sent out within the mail.

[1880-85, Amer.]

Mailoer (‘me? l?r)


4. An advertising leaflet included using a letter.

mailer (‘me?l?) n

1. 56 year old Potter or Ceramic Artist Mikel from Trois-Rivieres, has pastimes which includes hot air ballooning, Fundraiser Event Invitation and train collecting. Has toured ever since childhood and has visited a number of locales, like Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania.

an individual who addresses or mails bottle letters, etc

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2. (Mechanical Engineering) US and also Canadian the machine used for stamping as well as addressing mail

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mail·er  (m??l?r)n.

1. one which makes use of the particular mails: significant commercial mailers.

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